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How to Get Organized at School?

Students are by their very nature disorganized young people and they need help to schedule their lives. Most of them are far more computer literate than their parents and so will take to a computer program that organizes their lives for them like ducks to water.

Let us now examine the type of things that they can do with this excellent piece of software. They can list the things they need to do every day at the same time list the things that they would not ordinarily do every day so that there is a daily schedule for them to follow. For example they can list their homework tasks by day - Monday Maths, Tuesday English etc - and they can also diaries things like "class trip to Wulong 15/6/2015". This is not the sort of thing that they can use Facebook or Twitter for so it is a very valuable tool for them to help them remember what they have to do every day.

Of the big advantages of Efficient To-Do List is that they can group their tasks in any way they want. This means that they can group their homework by day or by subject or by teacher. For example the main heading could be "English" and the sub entries might be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But in another way they could group the homework by day so that it then became the day of the week is the main heading and subject to do for that day as the subheading. For example Monday /Maths/English, Tuesday Maths/Geography etc. Then when the class trip day arrived they would see that on the schedule and say to themselves "great, no lessons today!"

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