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How to Get Organized at Home

Most of our time spent at home. How to keep house clean, cut clutter, get organized at home is very important. You might say I really have a dislike of cleaning, arranging the book shelves, well, I guess no one prefers to be against you, and the key point is to find a right way to get them done. So in this article, you will find some tips on how to become organized and increase productivity at home.

Here is what I suggest, that is, make a list and arrange the time. Is it just like 8am to 8:30 am to have breakfast, 9am to 10am to check the email and...? Specific time is always right, but I would like to change it a little bit based on it. Here they are,

1.Use boring/sad time to do clean

It’s hard to keep all day be full of happiness, when you feel a little boring or lost, find something which can be done without the help of technique skills or deeply thoughts to do is a pretty good idea. I try to wash my clothes when I feel nothing to do or feel a little sad(Washing is not always a thing in my mind because I really hate it), each time after I finish it, a special feeling comes to my mind, I know it is a sense of achievement as they say. To complete something that you are reluctant to do at first while you are not in good condition can always cheer you up.

2.Arrange book shelves while enjoying soft music

Why choose arrange book shelves while music time? Soft music always has the function to help people calm down. At this time, pick up the scattered books on your desk and put them on the shelf gently. It’s a very nice feeling to keep all the books in order.

3.Have a short rest in the noon, 15 mins - 30 mins

Having a rest in the noon can make you feel full of energy after then and increase your productivity in the afternoon.

4.Check email in the afternoon, nearly 2-3pm

Checking email at this time can reduce the interruption that outside world brings to you as less as possible. Assume that check it at the beginning of each day, then it is in some way to make your day just starts dealing with other people’s stuffs instead of yours. At the same time, if found any urgent questions, you still have time to tackle them.

5.Keep a journal before sleep

Keep a diary whatever it is long or short before sleep can always help you to get something, such as lesson, experience, etc.

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