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How to Get Organized and Stay Organized at Home

As we have always made a metaphor that home is the harbor of soul, of course home is the most important place for everyone. In order to be happier at home, it is vital to get organized and stay organized at home first, right? Just close our eyes and imagine how serious if everything is in disorder, mess even much worse… Honestly, getting organized is not difficult, of course not as easy as somebody thinks. However, If we try to practice some new skills regularly, we will do much better at home and more time and cost efficient undoubtedly.

1. Develop a plan first. Get and stay organized well is not accidentally, we need a plan first.
* Write down all the to do list/tasks one by one. We can establish a plan for every area of your life at home, such as personal daily life, professional business at home, home management; cleaning… the list goes on and on! How do you start?

* Add details to each plan. For each area, we should figure out what needs to be attended to, even the priorities, as well as the people who will be responsible for this. For example we want to tidy home. We should list all the details and steps, such as: tidy all the parts in the house and clear out what is useless first and list out what we need later, then clean the floor, windows, tables, at last we should go shopping for the list of what we need… If somebody is alone at home, of course he should do everything, but if there are family members then we should assign to them to assist

* Don’t forget to pop a timeframe on there too. Many studies and statistic show that 90% or above people are in procrastination, of course me included, I always realize the sense of urgency when the deadline is coming. So the deadline is necessary and reasonable.

* Set reminder. In order not to forget any one if there are many tasks need to do, right time reminder is needed and necessary, especially some important events, such as house cleaning, birthday parties, seeing doctor and so on.

2. Stick to the schedule and persist it. As it is well known that plan without action is nothing. So once we schedule tasks well, we should stick to it and persist with no excuses, as well as to form good habits.

3. Make the most of technology to increase efficiency and productivity. For example, some digital calendar software can computerize and manage all the tasks together and reminder at right time, even synchronize with each member in the group, so that people do not need to write down all manually on the paper calendar and set clock in the phone or other places, even come to face to face to make sure they know their tasks clearly. If this sounds like your place, maybe it’s time to use technology to free you from your own organization efforts. There’s a multitude of applications available now (many are free) that can help you to stay organised and informed without the clutter, such as time manager, task organizer, event reminder, notes software, contacts management tool, diary keeper and so on. Search for organisation, home, cleaning and de-cluttering and you’ll be amazed. Pick something that works for you and use it.

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