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How to Get Organised?

I have had my home business for many years now and what I have learnt is that unless have iron self-discipline there is a danger of filling your days with useless and unprofitable activity and then pretend that you have justified your time merely by being able to fill it. Very early stage I decided to write lists of potential activities for the week of the day and then prioritize them and if I do not do that regularly I find that I just choose the things I like to do first and then, too late, I rush to complete a boring task to meet a deadline and usually don't do it very well because of lack of time.

When I first started out having left a large corporation, I was faced with an empty shiny new desk, no mail, no telephone ringing, no PA , no colleagues to chat to and no technical resources to fall back on. So it was at that stage that I was forced to write lists of stuff that had to be done and then prioritize them in an elementary critical path with boxes showing what needed to be done first before the next thing needed could be done.

There is software out there now that can help you do this but in those days a spreadsheet and a pencil and paper was all that I had. These are the things that I can remember needed to be done.

Set up marketing including advertising, PR and sales channels. To do this I first had to have brochures and a website, email flyers, SEO, Google ads etc. Each of these had its own sub list of activities. For example to do the website I needed graphic design software or alternatively find a designer and subcontract it. That meant online searches and looking at software reviews, doing trials or interviewing suitable subcontractors. And of course I needed to set myself deadline dates so that as soon as the website design was finished I could have also resellers in place.

I use software now that does the whole thing for me. It set up the tasks, sets the priorities, sets the deadlines, and integrates contacts and calendars and if I had only had something like this on my empty desk all those years ago, I would not have spent so much time sorting it all out each week and losing my weekends to the God of time.

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