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How to Get Organised for Middle School?

Now it is a graduation season for some students, also an enrollment season for others, specially for primary to middle school students. They will experience new life in such unknown environment of middle school, are they scared or filled with curiosity? To enjoy a happy life, parents and students need to learn to how get organised for middle school and prepared well in advance, here are some useful tips:
Use a day planner. Either a digital daily planner software or just a sheet of notebook paper is OK, however digital is highly suggested. It is a human nature to forget things even someone has good memories, let alone middle school students. The imperative function of such tool is to record and manage all your to do list (tasks, appointments, homework content, shopping lists and so on) and some other important information, such as contacts, diaries, notes, even reminder at right time like a clock, so that you can get things done efficiently and productively...

Form good habits to prepare everyday in advance and have a review at the end of day. We are always reminded to prepare tomorrow in advance to avoid a rush. Yes, form good habits to prepare your tomorrow clothes well before you go to bed, spare 10 minutes to think what you will do tomorrow, learn before the test... You will begin a new day in a relaxing mood without a rush. Even with a daily review, you can easily know what have done and what haven’t, what you have gained and what you need to improve next. Then you can adjust yourself in time and improve efficiency and productivity increasingly.

Learn self-encouragement. Optimistically know there will be success, of course challenges as well in middle school life, even parents are not around in every situations. So we need to handle many things independently, handle friendship, daily living, self management... To motivate ourselves, the self-encouragement is necessary, give us a little prize if we done well in something is highly recommended as well.

Communicate with other middle school students and learn some useful ideas/methods. Actively talk with higher grades students and generate some useful ideas/methods in their middle school life, then you can directly use later. Also It is a good way to practice our communication skills.

Of course, there are more ways in how to get organized in middle schools, lets learn and share together, are you prepared?

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