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How to Get and Stay Organized?

Everyday we are involved with much housework, personal stuff and some business work such emails, phone calls, visits, meetings and other unexpected affairs, if we can not keep them organized and handle one by one, we may feel scatted, frustrated, even exhausted as a result, right? So it is right time to get organized. To achieve organization, we must clearly know what is doing now, what will do next and when; even what is in priority…Hope hereunder tips help:

1. Prepare ourselves well in psychological first. To be well organized is likely to form a good habit; we can not handle it well only one or two days, it takes times. Once we are accustomed to getting and staying organized for long time, we will do things much better and easier than before.

2. Carefully reorganize our stuff around so that we can easily find and get. It means we should put things (at home/office or in other place) in order and know where they are, once needed, we can easily find it rather than look for here and there which cost time, even with no efficiency at last. Meanwhile, do not forget to put things back after using for further facilitation.

3. Use a calendar or daily planner to assist. No matter hat we will do, and everything we need to remember, pls write down on a notebook or marked on the calendar or somewhere is easy to see. But for me, I like to use digital Efficient Calendar or EfficientPIM, which is a computerized and well-known personal information manager. It can help schedule my to do list, track the progress, after check, remind important events at right time (the best thing I love so much), record notes, memorize account information, contacts address book, keep my diaries securely, and show everything visibly on desktop… With it I can easily plan my mixed daily life, stick to it because of right time reminding, improve my efficiency gradually by after reviews, even work with everything happily with customized functions( such as the beautiful interfaces, random background colors, little gadgets and so on)

4. Exercise ourselves the ability to hand multi-tasking together. Time is fair to everyone, if we want to stand out, we should make time more efficiency. Easy to understand with the example of cooking, if we deal with steps one by one, it will takes hours to prepare a meal well, but if we can handle multi-steps together (such as wash the dishes while stewing), much time will be saved with no doubt. Right?

5. Persevere and form good habits. As we talked in the first point, get and stay organized will take long time, we should reminder and supervise ourselves, and look forward to be better myself.

Moreover, there are other detailed tips need to know as well, if we keep learning from others, summarize and make progress everyday, undoubtedly, better, happier and easier life is getting closer and closer!

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