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How to Create a To Do List?

"Ermmm...What should I do next?" "Ohh, myyyy..., lots of things need to be completed, where should I start?" "So many things, so little time, how can I finish all the tasks before Friday"...

Have you ever felt this or are you experiencing it right now?

In order not to be stopped by thinking of those unhappy stuffs, creating an effective do do list will help you save lots of time and improve productivity, not to mention get more focused.

A proper to do list plays a vital role in achieving high efficiency. Try different kinds of plans and find the best suitable one for you. And here we list some key points in making a to do list below.

Firstly, group all the tasks items based on the different subjects. Why do you want to group all the items? Because I want the list look tidy. Why do you want the list look tidy? Because I want to save time when i do the check later. Why do you want to save time? Because I want high efficiency. Why do you want high efficiency? Because I want to get promoted. Now you get the point.

Secondly, prioritize all the tasks items with colored labels. By following the first things first principle, you can start your day with the most urgent thing. Its not hard to find out when there is no time left, your productivity will be increased a lot. You will find yourself with less stress in the left working hours as you already finished the most important thing.

Life is not ours to see as the song sings. So here is the point three, add an item for unexpected issue and leave some time on it. If you do not notice this, then when it happens, your schedule might be interrupted very easily.

Now put all of them hacks into your schedule then create an effective to do list, follow it and get things done.

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