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How to Become Successful?

It is not crowded on the road to success, because only few people persist.

(成功路上并不拥挤 因为坚持的人不多)

What is success? Different people have different ideas: Graduating from college with high score is a success; Making $10000 in one month legally is a success; being a company manager is a success, even finishing 100m race is a success.... In my opinion, success means achieving brilliant results in one’s work, making outstanding contributions to the development of the country and bringing happiness to the people, and we are all pursuing kinds of success at anytime, right? So to become successful in our life, we can:

1.Set a goal. Goal is like a light to guide the boat to move on; without goal, just like a kite with the string broken, lost its directions at last.

2.Hard working. It is universal known that rewards is proportional to the efforts. The harder we are in work, the more we learn, the better we get at last. It is little possible for lazy people to get pennies from heaven.

3. Enthusiasm and co-operation. They will enable us to "saturate" all with whom we come in contact with interest in us and in our ideas. Enthusiasm is the foundation of a pleasing personality, and we must have such a personality in order to influence others to co-operate with us, and it is important for us to get along well with our co-workers, care for each other and help each other.

4. Work methods. It is necessary for us to sum up our experience constantly and improve productivity and efficiency of our work and simply the process. We can search on google for some efficient life organizers or personal management software to help. Here EfficientPIM is highly recommended with task plan, time schedule, progress tracking, to do list reminder, address book manage, diary keep, password memo and so on all in one functions andit is printable, editable, easy handling, 99% positive feedbacks from users.

5. Hypothesis of success. If handled correctly, it can enhance our power to success and we can get some ideas in different way as well. Such as I am on the way to be a manager, but in my daily work, I just consider myself as the manager, and unconsciously my behavior and thinking ways become more responsible and capable in leadership. Once I become the manager in reality, I do much better than others.

6. Persevere. It is the most important thing in my opinion and simple to understand.Just like a race, there are 100 competitors in the beginning, and fewer than 100 in the end, because many people give up in the middle. Whatever we do, we should try our best and persist, pls don’t give up easily.

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