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How to Become Organized?

David is a designer manager in a small company without an assistant, he has to complete lots of things alone. Such as meet with customers to know their needs properly, make a plan for the projects and assign tasks to team members, track the progress to ensure that the projects can be finished before the due date, summarize when projects completed and arrange meetings, social life with partners and colleagues and so on.

Lots of things needs to be completed. Sometimes he forgets the meeting and he always overwork and does not have enough time to company his wife and play with his two little kids. These days he realizes that he needs more time to be with his families. But one problem, more time being with families means less time on work, how to deal with that?

EfficientPIM is an integrated personal information manager, how does it help David out with his messes, become organized and get highly efficient? Let’s check below.

1.Organize contacts

2.Organize appointments

3.Organize meetings

4.Organize tasks

5.Organize notes

6.Organize passwords and URLs

David can organize all the things above in EPIM, no need to use word, excel, etc to manage them separately. He can share all the things and assign tasks to his team members and in the same way, all the other members can hand in their reports, and mark the completion rate of their tasks for better check.

7.Quick search

If David wants to find something in EPIM, just use globe search, he can find the information he wants by key words in a few seconds.

8.Get a reminder

David can set a reminder to alert when the something important is due, then he will never worry about being late. And he can totally focus on the present work and improve productivity.

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