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How to Become Better Organized

Getting better organized involves two things usually

1. Listing what needs to be done

2. Scheduling it

The easiest way to do this is to use the PIM calendar to enter the tasks. You can also enter events in the calendar and the difference between tasks and events is clearly shown. With an event you get a start time but with a task you get a entry that is color coded according to the level of priority and importance of the task so its easy to see what needs doing first. Its also worth looking at the different views in PIM Calendar because it will help you not only get an overview with the view by month but also drill down to the view by week or day.

Here is an example. Here you see two tasks for the day and one event. The first task is important so is highlighted in red and put automatically at the top of the list. the second one which is not so important, is colored blue. The event, a class reunion is easy to see in the month or week view but if there are many tasks and events scheduled for the day then the day view is best. For some or all the items you can set the reminder bell and this pops up the day before or whenever you set the timer. Here are the tasks and events for the 18th March as shown in week view. The Lunar date shown is optional. Note that the Insurance task has an attachment and both have alerts set up.

We will now have a look in more detail at one of the tasks because when you come to do it the whole objective is that you will not need to search for anything when you come to do it.. The task is to get an insurance quote for your annual car insurance renewal. To do this you would need to have access to the existing policy schedule, the phone number of the insurance broker and you would need an annual reminder before the expiry date. The screen shot below is of the entry screen in PIM to set up this annual chore.

You will see the various tabs at the top. After you have done the title entry, use the comments tab to put in the phone and policy number. Then all you will need to do is click on the tab when you are about to complete the tasks and all the details are there for you without having to waste time searching for them.

Use the Contacts tab to look up the phone details for the comments entry and cut and paste. The policy number you will get from the policy document and if you keep it in electronic format you can set a link to it with the Attachments tab.

Then set the reminder each year, and a priority and color code of your choice.

Job done!

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