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How to Be Productive?

When many things vying for attention, it’s hard to get organized and stay productive, instead, it’s easy to waste time. What should we do to get this done and improve efficiency?

1.Early to bed and early to rise. Right now many young people like to sleep late and get up late. And I was one of them, always went to bed around 2 am and got up at 10, and every time I followed this schedule, I felt very tired the next day and could not do anything efficiently. After I realized I could not continue this kind of life then and made a new schedule of the bed and wake time, everything seems to be much better.

2.Start the day with a hearty breakfast.

When we are sleeping, our body is still in operation and needs expend energy. So a hearty breakfast will replenish it and make us full of energy again.

Both 1 and 2 get our body well prepared for the fresh day. Many people say that without a healthy body, nothing is fine. And it’s absolutely right.

3.List the things that we need complete. We have lots of things to do for each day, work stuffs, household chores and some other things. How to make a list? There are many ways to it, two examples given below:

A, Make a list with Reminder module. We can group all of them based on Workdays, Saturday, Sunday and manage them separately in one interface. And all the entries can be sorted by location, date, subject, etc. This will be very easy to check them out.

B, Make a list with Desktop Notes Module. Write down all the things together and post them on the desktop.

4.Diarize. It’s a good habit to keep diary. Every time when we try to record something later, it’s a good chance to gain experience and learn from it.

5.Have rest. After a long time’s work or study, it’s easy to get tired and have a rest will be good for recovering.

Stay productive is very helpful to work. Being more productive, being more successful.

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