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How to Be More Productive

Having spent 8 plus hours a day in office, but still a list of emails, files, customer phones need to be processed asap after off work; it is ruled to finish the report in 1 hours, but only 10 minutes left, it is hard to write more than a couple of paragraphs; even an unexpected phone call interrupted during book reading and cost nearly 1 hour….Time passed away silently and left no effective results.

Life is short (I have talked to myself everyday), why we waste it doing something dumb? So make our time more productive becomes an urgent task. Below tips will help us be more productive:

1. Self-question ourselves first. It is universal known that self-question can improve quickly. By doing so, we can easily know what kind of problem we are facing, some defects and so on, then we can adjust in time to our goals; even we can know our progress then to increase our confidence. Same for time management, we should recognize the face and deal with it to be higher quality and be best use.

2. Make a to-do list and decompose them in advance. It means to plan ahead. Before you begin each day’s/week’s/ work, study, project and so on, pls take a few time in advance to write out a list of things that needed to accomplish next, check again in case of missing anyone. Then if it is a massive task, decompose it for finishing it step by step later. By doing so, your head would be more logically and orderly and productivity increasingly grows.

3. Set a deadline. It is crucial in the whole process; we are always in a hush (of course not as good result as we want) if told to finish something at some time, right? If we plan and set a deadline in advance, we can arrange time much more properly and get better result.

4. Organizer and prioritize. We can not treat all things with same energy, and it is impossible to do so. So we have to prioritize: the most important needs to do first, and cost the most of time, that is we say ‘First thing First’. For less and the least important thing, just finish quickly with the least time. Even to make most of time, some shortcuts are necessary.

5. Plan for interruptions and limit them. As we do not know what will happen next, so setting a specific period in our plan is pretty good. For example, a task should be finished in one month, but in my plan it should only cost 3 weeks, and the rest one for modification or other interruptions if any; even we have to try to limit the interruptions and focus on work for the best result with the least time.

6. Set a clock or popup note. We may forget some events(meetings, appointments, birthday and so on) when totally focusing, so clock or pop up message help a lot, which can notify us and prepare well in time.

7. Take breaks properly. Constantly focusing can be very draining both on the body and the mind. Take short breaks to give us a chance to divert attention, relax our head and reduce stress. Also some wonderful ideas may come as well.

8. Learn some useful tools to help get things done effectively and productively. Here are highly recommended GTD programs: Efficient Calendar and Efficient To-Do List for task (to do event)plan, tracking and after checking; Efficient Reminder for popup notifying, even EfficientPIM for all functions in task management, time reminder, notes recording, password memorizing, address book keeping etc.

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