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How to Be a Successful Student

In the traditional concept, a successful student is someone who gets high scores in the exam and obedient to parents. But now, more criteria are needed in the judgment, to be a successful student, we should:

1. Put grades first in the study. As a student, learning is our core task and the grades indicate how hard we have been in the study. Commonly, the higher grades we get, the more love from teachers, friends, parents; the more confident we get (we believe we will do better and better); even more benefits after graduation: further study, finding a good job and other factors. A low GPA limits your options in a degree.

2. Stay organized and be independent. Although we are honey baby in the eyes of parents, we should know that we should be independent rather than rely on parents for a lifetime, right? So faced with all mess daily stuff planning, study and calendar scheduling, staying organized is a must. To be well-done, some useful programs needed: Efficient Reminder for appointment, class, home work, birthday, etc events reminding; Efficient To Do List for all tasks scheduling, progress tracking, after reviews; Efficient Address Book for all contacts phone No., address, email and so on recording; Efficient Notes for everything important phrases, memos in the class; Efficient Diary with versatile functions make our diary beautiful.. Generally, this digital software has greatly reduced our manual work and pressure, then to make our head run faster.

3. Be sociable. Being a good and successful student does not mean to completely neglect our social life. A healthy, balanced and beneficial social interaction functions a lot: Good friends will help when we are in great pressure, enjoy with our happiness together. Get involved at school activities, parties will make you more confident, enjoyable and adaptable, even more knowledgeable.

4. Stay healthy and form good habits. To be healthy both inside our body and outside our daily life is necessary: healthy diet, balanced exercise, righteous friends, appropriate social activities, wide range of hobbies, profound knowledge, reasonable personality… All will give us points wherever we are.

5. Don't procrastinate. I believe this is probably the #1 course for school students but most people have problem in it. To avoid procrastination, we should: kindly know the disadvantage of procrastination and the advantage of being proactive—Proactive people always get more; gradually change ourselves with help of some useful programs for scheduling, reminding to accustom yourself to getting things done early and out of the way rather than waiting until the very last minute.

6. Never give up. Life is like a race, though we are on the same starting line, there is no guarantee that all can reach the destinations. Only those who improve and enhance themselves steadily with perseverance will succeed at last. Just remember: no one is perfect, with our constant progress, we will be successful in near future.

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