Improve Team Efficiency and Productivity with Organizer Software Efficcess Network 5.20V

Esepcially designed for SMEs,Efficcess Network will help users increase productivity highlier and enjoy more success with amazing new features.

21-December-2015 – Chongqing, China – Just get the latest news from Efficient Software (a leading organizer software provider) that Efficcess Network 5.20 has been released just now, clapping!

Efficcess Network (original named EfficientPIM Network) is specially designed business organizer software for small to medium workgroups to share data, even as a pim software for individuals to manage personal information as well! It has all features of pro version, such as to-do lists, calendar management, appointment reminder, contacts address book, electronic diary, notes, passwords manager etc. In the network edition, different users in organization can access the same copy of data, assign tasks, share records, track progress and son on to work in conjunction and improve work efficiency!

What's New?
In this 5.20 versions, many amazing features comes, the CEO of Efficient Software, Paul Zhang says, "In some areas, users want to manage their special information by using their professional title names in our software, so to meet those specific requirements, custom field addition is a comprehensive solution, and so it is. Now users (or the SYSDBA admin) can add some custom fields at Tools->Custom Fields for all modules, and can define the fields as text, date, date & time, numbers or Y/N options as they like. Moreover, users can edit or delete the fields if needed. Once create fields well, it is easy to sort them by descending or ascending in the records list."

"The second is to strictly supervise tasks. We add a new access right 'Modify task's info assigned by other users' in the network version. Once SYSDBA (admin) sets this right to users, users can modify info of assigned task, otherwise, users can only set the progress and complete rate (can not modify other info) of assigned task."

"From the database of customer feedback, it is easy to see that group/subgroup management is one outstanding advantage of our organizer software, users can create/edit/delete a group/subgroup according to his own usages. To ease for bulk information management, we now add group/sub-group export/import function to each module, with it, users can directly operate a lot of records at one time via CSV file to save much time and enjoy higher efficiency."

Besides these, Paul Zhang adds, "We have added the ability to export recurrence information in Task and Events modules via CSV file, then users can check details in CSV files or print out to keep the paper documents."

"No matter software upgrade or new app released, data compatible is the most important point we need to consider. And Yes, the latest version is compatible with all previous data, and to help users master all functions all, we have made online guide, Help to guide you better."

Pricing and Availability
Efficcess has Free and Pro/Home version for personal use, even Network version for SMEs use, they all can work on All Windows O/S (including 8/7/10/XP/Vista.)

Pricing and Availability
Efficcess has Free and Pro/Home version for personal use, even Network version for SMEs use, they all can work on All Windows OS (including 8/7/10/XP/Vista…) with special year-end discount. Now there are Free Efficcess pim software app for Android devices and Efficcess app for iOS devices, and they can sync data freely among multi-platforms, even all other software from Efficient Software, such as Efficient Calendar, Efficient Man’s Organizer, Efficient Reminder, Efficient Password Manager, Efficient Notes, Efficient Address Book and so on. Later the app for network use will come soon. 
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