Get Your Personal Information Organized with Efficcess, Multi-platforms Supported

With the widespread of mobile devices, people want to manage tasks, calendar, diaries, contacts, notes,and password on mobiles, here Efficcess comes to help.

19-August-2015 – Chongqing, China – It is so exciting and honorable to announce that Efficcess 1.0 is released! With it, users can manage all their personal information together efficiently and productively, even can pocket them easily on phones, computers and tablets.

Efficcess means efficiency and success, it is an extremely strong personal information management App developed by Efficient Software. It is powerful for users to manage their tasks, schedules, appointments, contacts, diaries, notes, passwords and so on together efficiently and productively. Workable on Windows computers, Android/iOS phones and tablets, Efficcess allows users to sync data among computers, phones and tablets, even to sync with all Efficient Software, such as EfficientPIM, Efficient Address Book, Efficient Calendar, Efficient Reminder etc.

Paul Zhang, the developer of Efficcess, says, “With the popularity of smart phones, people become to work with them. Even after work, people will spend couple of hours with their smart phones every day. So it gives us a sense of urgency to develop the version for multi-platforms to service users better.” “To some degree, Efficcess is the mobile version of EfficientPIM which could help users manage to do lists, meetings, schedules, contacts, diaries, notes and passwords. Surely, users are able to sync data across PCs and mobile phones in a LAN,” says Paul.

In a same network, Efficcess is able to sync data with its PC version through Wifi. Paul explains, “Synchronization can be done in 4 steps in total. It is so easy to operate for all users. Just turn on Wifi to connect the same network with PC version and all things left is to tap “Next” for them. Ease of use is one of the biggest matters which we concern about while developing. As we wish, all users can make full use of Efficcess without any extra training.”

Plus, there are more highlights of Efficcess. Firstly, it is available for users to set a password for Efficcess to protect their information, even for Note, Diary and Password module separately as well. Secondly, Efficcess is also a task reminder, schedule reminder and birthday reminder, it can reminder at right time even the software is closed. Moreover, the Efficcess app allow users to make a call directly in contacts page of software...

Price and Availability
Efficcess is designed by Efficient Software and it is a free personal information manager app which is able to work and sync data among Windows PC, Android and iOS phones. Also, it could sync data from/to EfficientPIM, Efficient Reminder, Efficient Calendar, Efficient To-Do List, Efficient Address Book and other 6 software programs of Efficient Software. Now it is beta version with about 40 languages, so the Efficient Software gives best prefers to users, buy the Windows version, then enjoy mobile app for totally Free.Now 60% off surprise is waiting for you.
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