EfficientPIM Android/iOS App Manages All Personal Information On The Go

EfficientPIM manages tasks,events, diaries, notes, passwords, contacts...into computer, Android/iOS devices to increase productivity of individuals and groups!

05-June-2015 – Chongqing, China – It is more than honorable and excited to announce that Efficient Software is going to release EfficientPIM Android/iOS app in this month! Efficient Software is a PIM software provider in the market which provides a lot of personal information managers and time management software programs. EfficientPIM for Android/ios is one of the PIM software applications which could help individual users and small to medium work groups manage contacts, schedules, tasks, notes, passwords and much more among mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Performance and Portability
Paul Zhang, the designer of EfficientPIM, says that, “In the recent years, more and more people like to work on their phones and tablets. As a result, if our software couldn't work well on mobile devices, our customers will leave away rapidly. Hence, we are going to release the Android and iOS versions of EfficientPIM in this month!”

“First of all, users could synchronize their data across PCs, Android phones, Apple phones and tablet PCs.” says Paul, “Consequently, no matter where they are, they can view and update the data in seconds. For example, if you catch some amazing thoughts on the bus, just open EfficientPIM App on your phone and write them down. And you can continue to think about this note on the computer in the next day. Also, if you are on a business trip, you can still connect to sever by your mobile phone or tablets to share data and work together with your partners. ”

Generally speaking, EfficientPIM for Android and iOS equips with the same functions with PC version, which include contact manager, task scheduler,calendar software,birthday/anniversary/meeting reminder, note taking manager, dairy keeper, and password manager and so on.

Pricing and Availability
EfficientPIM could work on Windows All (including 8/7/XP/Vista…), Android and iOS, and it costs $39.95 for a single license. However, EfficientPIM App is totally FREE.

About Efficient Software
Founded in 2005, Efficient Software is a software library for business and personal information management applications, such as Efficient Calendar, Efficient Man’s Organizer, Efficient Reminder, etc. At present, all those programs have three editions: free, pro and network. What’s more, Android and iOS Editions will be launched in this month.

Product page link: http://www.efficientpim.com/
Company website: http://www.efficientsoftware.net/ 
E-mail: support@efficientsoftware.net

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