The Best Customer Management Software -Efficient Address Book for Individuals and SEMs

2014-07-15 08:51:23 - To improve the high efficiency and productivity for more and more people, Efficient Software developed Efficient Address Book for contacts information manage.

With the development of society, more and more people realize the importance to seek a single, integrated platform rather than a proliferation in daily life. For example, in the past, people always bought a camera special for photos taking, a cell phone for calling, computer for work, and MP3 or MP4 for music, totally the cost is very high, but now, only need to buy one intelligent mobile phone/ ipad/ or others can handle all photos taking, music, phone calling, work handling and so on, the cost is much lower for all in one device and easy taking, isn’t it? In the same way, many companies are searching for ways to consolidate, streamline, and share customer information. Based on this idea, Efficient Software has developed a software special for customer management---Efficient Address Book.

Efficient Address Book is an attractive and professional customer management software program that can help manage and organize individual and organization contact information. It helps easily store and manage contact information ( phone numbers, names, website addresses, email addresses, addresses, instant messenger addresses, photos, attachment and so on). This all in one device is easy to install, search any contacts only with simple keyword, edit via HTML or comma separated files, print out if necessary, export/ import/ take along via excel/ csv format and so on tried and true functions.

Apart from these, Efficient Address Book has embedded birthday/ anniversary reminder function specially, once marked √ in the contacts editing windows, the software will reminder at right time...

As it is know to all, Efficient Address Book has three versions: Free, Home and Network. Network version is specially designed for small-Medium work groups to share data, central control by administrator, work together and improve work efficiency. Home version is special for personal contacts management.

Price and Availability

Efficient Address Book supports Windows/ Vista O/S, customized with more than 37 languages for almost all countries in the world, and now only costs $29.95 (Home Version) and $49.95( Network) for a single-user license, even the certificated awards and 100% positive feedbacks make it greatly expanded in scope ...More discounts available through the Efficient Software online store.

More About Efficient Software

Found in 2005, Efficient Software aims to create high-quality products to satisfy the needs of every person and small to medium work group to become more efficient and successful. Now there are 11 excellent personal information management software programs (every one has 3 editions: pro, network and free) in calendar, task management, to do list reminder, contacts management, password generating, notes taking, etc.

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