Share Your Beautiful Stories with Efficient Diary 3.62!

Efficient Software Company is proudly offering new software for its valuable customers to make recording of their life events easier.

Chongqing (I-Newswire) April 26, 2014 - Efficient Software Company is proudly offering new software for its valuable customers to make recording of their life events easier. By the name of Efficient Diary the program is laden with helpful features and facilities. It is highly resourceful and can help the users in multiple ways.

The efficient diary provides the users with perfect security system to record the details of their life that they like to remember. All private information that everyone would love to keep confidential can easily be kept limited to oneself only.

Now with an electronic diary the users have all the necessary options at hand to record the life events vivid and colorful. With available emotions icons in the program narration of an incident becomes more precise. The user can add to the liveliness of each incident with snaps taken by him too. Calculations or certain measurements that sometimes are needed in the context can be recorded in the form of tables.

The software is made easy for the users to simplify the process of writing down one's own life experience. Searching a past event in the diary is super easy. The user needs to enter only one word he remembers from that writing and enters it in the search bar. The diary retrieves all the data related with this entry. This is a marvelous invention for the senior people who need easy and simple method to pen down their life story.

The efficient diary is added with a printing option also to save the recorded data in the form of a book as soon as the user finds it appropriate. The edition is portable and carrying the diary with you in your pocket, saved in a USB flash drive is very helpful. The user has the opportunity to write his emotions and experiences at any moment while resting at his home or in a short break at his office.

The information saved in the diary is fully safe. If the user mistakenly deletes any file, getting it back is done in a jiffy with the help of Backup and Restore set up. Last but not least the interface of the Software is highly variable in the form of colors and background. A number of lively color options are added in the Software for the users to make their pick. Green, pink and silver are to name a few.

Now with this Software many users can write their life history for the coming generations and lots of valuable experiences of elders can be shared with the youngsters.

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