Outlook Alternative EfficientPIM 3.71 Build 370 Released

Efficientpim is a tried and true outlook alternative innovation, contains: time, email, contacts, calendars, CRM , etc management area. but it has own outstandings compare with outlook software.

Chongqing, China., June 25, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - There is no doubt about that Microsoft Outlook is the leader in time, email, contacts, calendars and collaboration etc management area. Even in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), it also ranks in high position. From personal to business application, maybe only just few people anywhere in the world that have not heard of outlook or do not know how to use it. But frankly speaking, as a international brand, it can not satisfy every people in every needs, right? Like the price, customize functions, services, etc.

Here to meet the needs of most people’s feedbacks, Efficient Software launched its new innovation EfficientPIM software, Functions are similar to outlook, but with its own high lights:

1.All in one software covers the areas of calendar, task management, event reminder, diary keeping, customer relationship management, email account security, notes notification, etc.
2. Special for Personal Life or Small-Medium Business, aims to organize life/timetable in order and improve the efficiency and productivity
3. Customized interface style, fonts color, background, attachments, etc for different personalities to increase customer experience degrees.
4. High encryption passwords to each part keeps more secure. ( special for private diary, only the user can access in)
5. Simple operation, fast searching via simple word, portable management via pen-driver, batch import/export via excel/csv files.
6. Professional teams of development, sales, after-services are here with 7*24 help.

The most important is Price. EfficientPIM is in mass line, all students, young, old can handle and afford. For companies, the more users, the cheaper price is. Pls check its official site for price and available.

More about Efficient Software:
Founded in 2005, Efficient Software aims to offer modern efficient programs to release people’s pressure and grow their business. Totally It has up to 11 products: Efficient Calendar, Efficient Reminder, Efficient, Efficient Lady’s/Man’s Organizer and so on with different function, now all are workable on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, etc. Later will launch app ones, pls focus on.

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