Never Mix Up and Forget -- Efficient Password Manager 3.70 Build 366 Released!

Jun. 20, 2014 - CHONGQING, China -- Recently, many users are talking on the internet that they always forget passwords and have to reset every time, what should they do? In order to solve this problem, Efficient Software has launched Efficient Password Manager 3.70 Build 366 version!

Efficient Software, a leading software development, sale, and after-service one-stop company, has been focusing on methods to improve the efficiency and productivity to all the people for 10 years. Since now, he has launched many tried and true managers, like Efficient To-do List for task management, progress tracking; Efficient Reminder for event management and reminder at right time; Efficient Diary for private or public diary writing and keeping; Efficient Address Book for all contact info, phone No. etc recording; Efficient PIM/ Efficient Lady’s/ Man’s Manager are all in one innovation. Now the Efficient Password Manager joins in.

Efficient Password Manager is born by following the trends of society development. Internet has taken up nearly all of our daily life: handling work, shopping, chatting with friends, even now paying phone bill, booking meals are finished on internet, for which we have to register in different website, emails ,bank, etc, right? According to a survey, 80% people have at least 5 accounts, some even have more than 10. Woww, can they remember all accounts clearly? maybe just few people can do, but now the Password Manager can do without any error, its mission is ‘to make life simpler and efficient’ and it does with its highlights:

1. Record accounts with clear link, username, password( hide or not), importance, comments, even attachment, etc.

2. Group management. Such as email accounts, banking accounts, meal booking sites, etc

3. Massive search function. If user forgets the link, just input simple words, then the related will come out.

4. Directly get to the website with the recorded link.

5. Work on Windows 8/ 7/ XP/ Vista ( 32-bit or 64-bit) with Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Italian, etc 37+ languages.

Apart from this, the most important is that the software has been securely encrypted ,only the owner can access in with right password. With this, users only need to remember one password, Efficient Password Manager will handle all the rest.

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