EfficientPIM Network 3.80 Released to Ease Group Users' Life

It is great delighted for Efficient Software to announce that EfficientPIM Network 3.80 version has been released just now!

CHONGQING, CHINA, December 14, 2014 -- Created on 2005, EfficientPIM Network was specially designed for small to medium enterprises and effective single users to manage contacts, to-do lists, schedules, diaries, notes, and lastly share these data on different computers.

Efficient Software makes great improvements in this upgrade, just as Paul Zhang (the owner of this site) says, "There are two major reasons to upgrade our products. Of course the first one is to make the programs much more easy-to-use so that users could get started just in seconds. And the another one is to keep abreast with the fashion." Efficient Software added several features in this improvements. For example 1. It is available for users to customize the fonts of Calendar review. 2. Users are able to add .mp3, .wma and other audio files as their reminder sounds. 3. Network edition users could connect to server directly by server ID or registration code. 4. After network edition users create a new database file, software will open the User Management Window automatically for them.

EfficientPIM Network has equipped with all functions the pro version has, such as contact management, to do list arrangement, schedule planning, note taking, keeping diary and so on. In addition, EfficientPIM Network could make multiple users in one department share all things above with each other. What's more, they can assign tasks or add a new entries for their colleagues with EfficientPIM Network.

"Our team is also the users of EfficientPIM Network," says Paul, "At the very begining, I just want to develop a program to improve our work efficiency. As you know, it is not worthwhile to spend much time in file sending, task assigning, task tracking or other trifles. After the birth of EfficientPIM Network, all members in our team are able to work in order and with a higher efficiency. As a result, I hope more small work groups could work with high efficiency like us."

Beyond that, users could learn to use EfficientPIM Network based on the user guides and video guides. Paul says, "We have provided tutorials, FAQs, video guides, online help for users on our official sites so that users could know how to get started easily. Besides, they can send emails or take phones to our support, and we will reply them within 24 hours."

About EfficientPIM Network

EfficientPIM Network allows groups users share contacts, tasks, events, notes, work diaries, password records with each other. As a result, different users could work together and increase productivity at last. EfficientPIM Network $59.95 per each user on its official store, and it supports Windows All (including Windows 8/7).

About Efficient Software

Efficient Software was birth on 2005 and it is a website for personal and business information management software. At the outset, the objective of this site is to help users work with higher efficiency and lower stress. And this idea is the major principle for the latter programs as well. At present, there are 11 products available, such as Efficient Calendar, Efficient Reminder, Efficient Man's Organizer and so forth.

Here goes a piece of good news: the technique team of Efficient Software is developing Android and iOS versions to meet more users' needs. And they can accomplish this task about 2 months.

Official website: http://www.efficientsoftware.net/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/efficientsw

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+EfficientsoftwareNet

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/efficientsoftware

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