EfficientPIM 3.71 Has Been Released for Better Personal Information Management!

It is so honourable and excited to declare that Efficient Software, a company that since 2005 has provided the best solutions for personal and business data, has released EfficientPIM 3.71 just now!

CHONGQING, CHINA, September 26, 2014 -- IEfficientPIM has an intuitive interface that helps users interact easier and comprises several aspects that make it a truly personal assistant, transforming a very busy and stressful day into a well-organized one.

The recent upgrade has made great improvements, such as fixed the bug: when manage the "Department" information in User Management window, people only can input capital letters. As well as this bug: there will be an error when users input some special letters of German or other languages. In addition, the technique team has enhanced the feature: if users search information by English in Search Module, it is case insensitive. However, it is case sensitive if they use other languages. And enhanced this feature: in Search Module, uses cannot input Chinese, Japanese, Korean or any other East Asian words normally under some operating systems.

Paul Zhang, the CEO of Efficient Software says, "EfficientPIM has been designed for both single users and work groups to improve work efficiency. With this software, users could manage all things in order, like tasks, schedules, notes, appointments, passwords, etc. What's more, there is a reminder system provided. While, no one is perfect, and we never stop updating this software all the time!"

Beyond that, the creators of the program ensure the users that no data will be carelessly deleted, as EfficientPIM has its own recycle bin that users may access whenever they need to. Also, users can count on the software keeping passwords in encrypted format, so as full access is provided only to the creator of the entries.

Besides the undoubtedly functionality of the program, EfficientPIM comes to the front of the users' needs by adding ten different interface styles that thus personalizes every customer's program, making his experience more colourful and vivid, according to his personal disposition.

All these features make EfficientPIM the perfect candidate for easily managing daily, weekly or even yearly routine, by using an accessible interface that comprises many essential features in just one program. It is a technological solution that helps to monitor appointments, contacts, tasks, to-do lists and even more. It has several features that are designed to make people life better and reduce the stress.

Plus, this software wins a good reputation among the users too. "I want to tell you that I'm very, very impressed by your program. It's really quite good and I plan to recommend it to all my colleagues, family, friends, and acquaintances," said a user Joseph.

About EfficientPIM

EfficientPIM is designed by GTD concept with the aim of improving personal and business performance. It works on Windows 8/7/XP/Vista (32-bit or 64 bit), thus making it favourable to almost every user's operating system. The software is free for a 30 days' trial, allowing the consumer to get a grip over it and make sure of its reliability. EfficientPIM can be bought at only $39.95for unlimited use.

For more information visit http://www.efficientsoftware.net/

View the EfficientPIM guide at:http://www.efficientpim.com/guide.htm

EfficientPIM Network overview:http://www.efficientpim.com/business/

ABout Efficient Software

Founded in 2005, Efficient Software is a premier company offering professional personal information management software for individuals and businesses. Its goal is to create high-quality products to satisfy the needs of every person to become efficient and successful.

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