Efficient To-Do List 3.62 Released to Help You Manage Tasks in Order!

The Company, Efficient Software, has given new technology to the concept of GTD with its new Software named Efficient To-Do List.

Chongqing (I-Newswire) April 26, 2014 - The Company, Efficient Software, has given new technology to the concept of GTD with its new Software named Efficient To-Do List. Launched with the idea of managing tasks more efficiently, the software can be of great assistance to the users who need serious help in planning their tasks. The software has received huge positive response from the users all around the globe. The new invention is a rescue gadget for the busy working employees who need management of their tasks for their on-time completion and prioritization.

The tasks of all sorts need to be put in sequence as to see which the most important one is and which follows after. The Efficient To-Do List is formatted with categorizing facility and this is the key feature of the pro. To make the management of tasks more effective and clear, the user is provided with different color tones of the interface in order to be able to file his tasks in different categories according to the significance of each task. The color theme helps in creating certain positive mental effects also. The leveling of the task can be made more efficient with the multicolor theme of the Pro-an extra facility to track the tasks without missing its details.

The document editor in the Software is as powerful as MS-Word to help the users write details and comments on their tasks which are linked to tasks' management and progress. The best thing about the Software is that it is easy to be kept with the user if he saves it in a USB flash drive. Without any need to data synchronization the user can open the program in any system and follow the schedule of his tasks from home, office or hotel if he is vacationing.

Easy to carry and simple to use, the Software is highly functional for busy businessmen, office managers and organizers of events. The safety measures provided for the users in Efficient To-Do List are a source of mental peace and satisfaction for the users. The files that mistakenly get deleted remain safe in the recycle bin. The users can retrieve them with the simple function of backup and restore.

The Efficient To-Do List has proved to be a very helpful program for group tasks management also. The work efficiency can be improved considerably if the employees on the key posts take the help of the new GTD inspired Software.

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