Efficient Address Book Customer Management Software Launched to Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency

Efficient Address Book is a tried and true advice in contacts( mobile phone No./ address/ email/ hobbies/ pics and birthday/ anniversary reminder. It highly enhance the manual recording efficiency and save time/ cost.

Chongqing, China., July 24, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) -It is universal known that everybody has a circle of friends, relatives, colleagues, customers and so on in personal or business life. To manage all the contacts well, Efficient Software, a leading software developer in China launched its new innovation- Efficient Address Book to help all get together and know better to each other!

Efficient Address book is an attractive and professional customer management software program that can help manage and organize individual and organization contact information. It helps easily store and manage contact information, such as phone numbers, names, website addresses, email addresses, addresses, instant messenger addresses, even the important documents, photos, attachments, etc.

Efficient Address book has three versions:Free, Home and Network. Network version is specially designed for small-Medium work groups to share data, central control by administrator, work together and improve work efficiency. Home version is special for personal contacts management.

Advantages of Efficent Address Book customer contacts management software.

1.Centralize detailed information, group management and reduce data loss. Previous common ways to keep contacts information is in different notebooks with telephone No. Address or simple information: Relatives are in relative notebooks, customers are in customer recording notebook, like the exercise books which are divided into home work, classroom work for maths/ languages and so on. Now only with Efficient Software, all information can generated together and management in group/ sub-group, easy check/ search and store, with high secure password, no need to worry about lost and hacker.

2. Easily to organize documentation with high efficiency. All the information can be export/ import/ print out in HTML file or comma separated files in a batch, it is easy to add new/ delete/ change and so on.

3. Reduce carbon footprint (paper, stock, process). Electronic software is more environmental friendly than paper notebook and much simpler process as well. Once launched, only need to fix some bugs if occurred and after maintenance according to special functions, no need Continuous cycle of production, processing, sales, purchase.

4. Apartment from the based information, Efficient Address Book has embedded birthday/ anniversary reminder function specially, once marked √ in the contacts editing windows, the software will reminder at right time...

5. Low cost is the most important. Search on google for similar products, most cost hundreds of dollars even higher, but Efficient Address Book only cost $29.95 for home version and $49.95 for a single user in business version, even at most 50% off for more users and life time technical support. Pls check its official site for more details.

More About Efficient Software

Found in 2005, Efficient Software aims to create high-quality products to satisfy the needs of every person and small to medium work group to become more efficient and successful. Now there are 11 excellent personal information management software programs (every one has 3 editions: pro, network and free) in calendar, task management, to do list reminder, contacts management, password generating, notes taking, etc.

For more information visit: http://www.efficientsoftware.net/.

Efficient Software Download: http://www.efficientsoftware.net/download.htm

Efficient Software Guide at: http://www.efficientsoftware.net/guide/

Contact: support@efficientsoftware.net

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