Affordable Appointment Scheduling Software Increases Appearance Rate in Birthday Parties and Meetings

Efficient Reminder software is a powerful tool to help to to list schedule and remind at right time to enhance our attendance rate.

Chongqing, China., July 18, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) -It is reported that many people has been annoyed by missing or late for birthdays, parties, important meetings and so on, why? Some have valid reasons for missing an appointment, but sometimes, they just forget. Based on this, Efficient Software, a leading software developer launched its new innovation- Efficient Reminder. With it, all Interviewee has highly increased the rate of appearance of their parties, birthday and other appointments.

Efficient Reminder is a versatile, handy and professional appointment scheduling software that can help plan and organize time. It offers a well-arranged organization of work time and free time, filing recurring events and reminders for events that users wish to be reminded about.

With its special competitive price, lightweight, easy handling, exportable/importable/printable edition and so on, Efficient Reminder has awarded as the TOP 10 REVIEWS and highly recommended by CNET with 100% positive feedbacks.

What Users Can Benefit From Efficient Reminder:

1.Convenience, easy handle and automated reminder. Just open the software and establish new events with time, address detailed information, then the software will remind at right time automatically with music or pop-up windows, just few minutes are needed to master the software. No need to take along a paper notebook and check frequently.

2.Become more organized and effective. Users may feel breakdown when seeing the numerous marks in the paper calendar, let along add more in the limited space, right? But with the electronic Efficient Reminder software, there is no limitation in adding/ group management/ setting recurrence to do list events, and all daily events are orderly listed in the corresponding date and beneficial for preparation in advance.

3.Increase satisfaction. As everything is going smoothly and efficiently, of course the satisfaction increases as well. Better organized, Better Life.

More important is the affordable price. Efficient Reminder has three versions: Free, Home, Network. Home version is for personal organization( only $29.95), free version has some function limitation compare with home version; Network version is special for small to medium business groups with un-limited user add, data sharing, central control by the administrator as well, now only $49.95 for a single-user license, up to 50% off for more users. With its customized more than 37 languages, Efficient Reminder will be greatly expanded in scope.

More About Efficient Software

Found in 2005, Efficient Software aims to create high-quality products to satisfy the needs of every person and small to medium work group to become more efficient and successful. Now there are 11 excellent personal information management software programs (every one has 3 editions: pro, network and free) in calendar, task management, to do list reminder, contacts management, password generating, notes taking, etc.

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