What are There on the Road to Success?


It is not crowded on the road to success, because only few people persist. Just open my note book, the sentence leaps to my eyes, it was gifted by my father when we talked success. Yes? success is a wonderful thing that everyone is pursuing, but some do succeed, but some failed at last, why? [...]

Germany Gets the “World Cup” with 1:0!


On Sunday 13 July, the Brazil World Cup came to an end. To us great joyful, Germany won the final match with 1:0 after extra time. At that moment, the whole world was cheering for them! It was the fourth time that Germany got Jules Rimet Cup from 1930. To the other side, Argentina, even [...]

Who Will Be the Winner in 2014 World Cup?

who is the winner

Gradually, the 2014 world cup comes to the end, and the most exciting 2 days are coming as well: Brazil VS Holland for rank 3 and 4 (13th, July, Beijing time) and Argentina VS German for rank 1 and 2( 14th, July). Who will be the final winner? It is still a mystery and let’s [...]

How to Cure Procrastination?

now or later

Known a lot of things piled in the front of eyes: the random files, scattered clothes, a needed phone call, an email need to handle. Though anxious enough, I have to talk to myself: just wait a minute, or do it tomorrow… It is typical procrastination, are you in? From the survey of  ’Do you [...]

3.71 Build 371 Version Released!

we will do better for you

Thanks for all excellent clients/ partners, with your continuous support and value advice, we are moving forward steadily and launch 3.71 Build 371 version for more convenience and enjoyment in daily life organization, here we have done: Bug-fixed: 1. To have a better understanding of users in company, we add the Department and Job Title in [...]

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil


The Round of 16 has completed last night, Argentina and Belgium are the last two lucky teams that get the qualification for the quarter-finals. So the qualifiers are: Brazil, Germany, France, Colombia, Argentina, Belgium, Netherlands, and Costa Rica. To be honest, Paul Zhang, the CEO of Efficient Software, is the royal fans of Argentina. He [...]

How to Manage Tasks at Ease?


With the help of task management software, most people save a lot of time and improve work efficiency. However, before assigning a task to Next ask yourself these three questions: 1. Is it really urgent? 2. Is it really important? (If not I’ll make sure that does not hinder any of the Key Tasks yes [...]

Manage Tasks in Order by Calendar Software


It is very possible to meet these conditions: you’re working and then receive a call that brings a new task; mail order and get two new tasks; a fellow approaches your table and you drop another task; your boss calls you into his office and other tasks add up. In such case, if you immediately [...]

The Main Functions of Calendar Software


With the development of society, people pay more and more attention to work efficiency for fear of falling behind or blaming by superiors. As a result, they go out of all ways to make full use of every minute and finish tasks more and more efficiently. Getting Things Done (GTD) is a very popular time [...]

Benefits of Keeping a Diary

diary picture-1

Do you keep a diary? How often to write one? To some degree, it is necessary to cultivate the habit of keeping a diary, which is a good way to reflect on your performance of a day. Besides, there are a lot other benefits of keeping a diary. 1. Get Pressure Released. Hassles of daily [...]