Hi Monday and New 3.81 Build 381 Released!


Clap up! Everybody! Thanks for our lovely technical elites who have sacrificed their wonderful weekend time to finish releasing the 3.81 Build 381 version! 1. Enhanced feature for Network editions: * Network users could backup their database files automatically or manually. * Nat Mapping of Efficient Organizer Server will not be deleted under any circumstances. [...]

How to Make a Perfect Plan for New Year?


Time flies! We just said goodbye to 2014 several days ago! I know, it is somewhat hard to farewell to familiar past. However, it is much more exiting to lift the veil of future. Maybe we can know the reason why we are so expecting about future from this famous saying, “Yesterday is a history, [...]

Hi 2015, Let’s Welcome the First Update for All Personal Information Managers

time reminder setting

Happy New Year to you all. Just in few days, we have totally said goodbye to 2014, have you made a summary? Of course we have done. In order to be more convenient for user operations and enhance our products, we are glad to launch the first update in 2015! 1. Updated the Help Document. [...]

3.81 Build 377 Released!Special Xmas Gift for Efficient Software Network Users!

EffcientPIM Network

Dear users, Merry Christmas+Happy New Year, and enjoy your holidays the best! However: 1.Do not forget our Xmas promotion is going on for all products with 30%–50% off. So pls hurry up to get yourself well organized with efficient tools: http://www.efficientsoftware.net/buy.htm 2.Latest update for calendar fonts adjusting and reminder music adding and so on, pls check [...]

Good News:The Latest 3.80 build 375 Version Released!

Calendar Fonts

Dear customers/partners, Thanks for your sincere support all the time, and even cater to the Annual Christmas Day and New Year, we Efficient Software make a comprehensive upgrade to all the software programs, so what are the highlights, let’s check together, of course welcome to download and buy now! Added feature: It is available for [...]

Santa Brings Big Sale on Efficient Software!

Christmas Sales

Christmas is the day for celebration all around the world. All people are busy in preparing Christmas gift now, such as Christmas tree, color lights, balloons, etc. As a result, in order to catch more customers’ eyes, almost all shops have big sales for Christmas, including online and offline. And so do Efficient Software! Efficient [...]

Christmas is Around the Corner, Get Start to Prepare Now!

shopping list

“We wish you a merry Christmas; we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year…” When we walk on the street, this song will linger in our ears again. That’s it, Christmas is around the corner! For most people, especially westerns, Christmas is one of the most meaningful festivals, and it has the [...]

What Will You Do on Thanksgiving Day?


Just as Wikipedia says, “Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.” Generally, people like to share this day with their parents. I think the best gift for parents is to make more [...]

Why Do I Use Task Management Software in My Daily Work?

task management software

As a foreign trade manager, it is universal known that strong performance is the fundamental. To struggle for this, we have to schedule plan within our capability and finish it, customer tracking, study, numerous meetings and so on ( we should finish 8 things everyday ). To be more efficient and logically, so I choose [...]

Wonderful Journal Software to Record Our Memory!

personal journal software

As Chinese Valentine’s Day has been passed away for months, but whenever I close my eyes, the pictures of that day will come into my mind automatically… By looking at a sea of faces in shopping mall, movie house, KTV, gardens etc, I believe most lovers have wonderful time, me included…But some scenes become a [...]