5 Tips for Using EfficientPIM in a Better Way (Part Two)


PIM. You may think of these initials as meaning Personal Information Manager. They could also mean ‘Partly Informed Manager’ or ‘Pretty Impressive Mess’ . So we thought we would give you some hints on how to set up PIM so you have it flying from day one. Your Calendar PIM does everything that you want [...]

Address Book Software Brings Structure Back To Your Life

Using address book software is a great way to bring order to your life. Whether you want to clean up your act in your personal life or at home, this software can help you do it.

Why Use Free Address Book Software?

Try asking one of your young kids or grandkids for the phone numbers of three of their friends and you will see that they have a hard time thinking of them. Do not worry that your child is not bright, the reason is simply that they have it saved in their cell phone. Cell phones [...]

The Easy Way To Stay Organized With Address Book Software

As we live in a era of information explosion, to keep in touch with others is a way we keep ourselves informed by the outside world. Thus we need a address book to write down all the information we need in case we contact families, friends, workmates and so on. But you may wonder that [...]

Keep Track Of Family And Friends With Address Book Software

People change phone numbers, add mobile numbers, and move house more than ever before, and it can be hard to keep your address book updated and legible at the same time. Looking into address book software can allow you to edit information easily, quickly and includes bit of extra information to keep your life organized.