Keep Track Of Family And Friends With Address Book Software

People change phone numbers, add mobile numbers, and move house more than ever before, and it can be hard to keep your address book updated and legible at the same time. Looking into address book software can allow you to edit information easily, quickly and includes bit of extra information to keep your life organized.

If you already have addresses and contact information in your email programs, they can easily be imported with a few clicks. That includes their email addresses added with their home one and their phone numbers. There is even an option to categorize your contacts. You can separate them by friends, family, work, etc so that you’ll be able to access what you need quickly and easily.

If birthdays and anniversaries are constantly escaping your mind, one of these programs can help you stay out of trouble with friends and family. You are able to include this information right with the contact name and the program will send you a reminder in time to get a gift.

Sometimes you have so many contacts that a name escapes you or you have trouble putting a face to a name. Most of these programs have the option of including a photo with the contacts, as well as creating your own photo album right in the program. This keeps everything in the same, easy accessible place.

Printing labels will never get easier either. Now you don’t have to write out all those addresses by hand at Christmas time, with just a few clicks of the mouse, all your contact addresses can be printed out on labels for you to use. You can even print out the return addresses to save you time not only when sending out cards but with all the mail you send out throughout the year.

The added features allow you to organize other areas of your life too. There is a place to put some of your own notes and reminders. You can make lists, create budgets and even organize and print out your favorite recipes.

Protecting your passwords and sensitive information is another useful feature that comes with this software. Most have incorporated encrypted lock boxes, where you can store IDs, bank account information, passwords and whatever else you need to keep away from wandering eyes.

Travelling to family you haven’t seen in a while is easy with the map option available and if you are someone always on the go, it is compatible with your mobile phone. Every year there are new features and options added so address book software to continue to help you stay organized with a click of a mouse.

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