Helpful Advice to Control Our Time Effectively and Productively

control your time

It takes knowledge that it is necessary to effectively manage our time-Time is Money. So how to manage our time more easily in personal, school and business life? Use the tips here and apply them to our life; we should be fine. If we’re constantly behind or late, be more observing of deadlines. Take care [...]

An Introduction to GTD Software


Project management can become a daunting task, especially if we work with several projects at the same time. On the other hand, the Internet crowd sourcing era has led to an increase in the recruitment of labor from remote locations, and is not always possible to track the tasks of subordinates. While some free web [...]

The Mid-autumn Day – Moon Cake’s Day!


The Chinese Mid-autumn day comes in September this year. All right, that is next Monday! Why the Mid-autumn Day is Moon Cake’s Day? I think you must know the answer. That’s it, people may eat moon cakes around that day undeniably. And it is a nice chance for moon cake sellers to earn money most [...]

What We Have Done in August–Efficient To-Do List Tells

to do list tell me what I have done

It is universally known that: we can make progress by self-examination three times a day. Yes, not only a single day, weekly, monthly self-examinations are also needed and very important. As August left us without any hesitation, so what we have done in August? We might not remember all, but the Efficient To-Do List does [...]

How to Manage and Accomplish Tasks Efficiently?


By starting the day we have a fairly clear notion of what we should and want to do, but at the end of the evening we found that we did almost nothing or less than half of things, and the worst is that it was not “vagrancy “because we were very busy and overwhelmed throughout [...]

Efficient Diary Makes My Inner World Wonderful

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When I was young, keeping a diary was an eternal part of homework everyday, so I hated and felt annoyed with it as a task, let alone a little enjoyable feeling to it. But now, I have greatly injected passionate to keep daily diary, not only because of my selective memory, but also because I [...]

How to Treat “House Complex” Properly?


Most people have strong complex in House, especially Chinese. With the development of society, houses become the precondition of love and marriage. They just think that house stands for home. However, to some degree, I think that they over treat the quantity of house. In order to own a house soon, people need to work [...]

Efficient Reminder Popups Valentine’s Day

Efficient reminder softwrae

Efficient Reminder Popup message: Saturday XX festival………. There is a traditional story:The Jade Emperor in heaven had seven daughters. Zhi Nu, the youngest and the most lovely and clever one, is good at craft. So she was assigned to be responsible for all important brocade design and production in the palace. In addition, a young [...]

What are There on the Road to Success?


It is not crowded on the road to success, because only few people persist. Just open my note book, the sentence leaps to my eyes, it was gifted by my father when we talked success. Yes? success is a wonderful thing that everyone is pursuing, but some do succeed, but some failed at last, why? [...]

Germany Gets the “World Cup” with 1:0!


On Sunday 13 July, the Brazil World Cup came to an end. To us great joyful, Germany won the final match with 1:0 after extra time. At that moment, the whole world was cheering for them! It was the fourth time that Germany got Jules Rimet Cup from 1930. To the other side, Argentina, even [...]