Efficcess APP – Your Sweet Real Time Assistant!


To our great exciting, the mobile version of Efficcess has been released last month. Even though it is not perfect, it did help users a lot in personal information management. As we all know, mobile phone becomes more and more advanced in these recent years. According to the latest survey, people, especially the youth, may [...]

How to Manage Your Info with Efficccess APP?


Efficcess APP is a FREE personal information management application for mobile phone users. With Efficcess APP, users could manage their task, schedule, contact, notes, diary and password on the phone. What’s more, they can sync data across computers and mobile phones if needed. There are some tips for you to make full use of Efficcess [...]

Efficcess APP – The Mobile Version for All Efficient Software Programs Released!


It is so glad and honorable to announce that Efficcess APP released just now! From now on, you can manage data on your phone and sync it across PCs and mobile phones whenever needed. Efficcess APP is a FREE application which allows users manage tasks, events, contacts, diary, notes and passwords on the go. What’s [...]

Efficcess — the Mobile Version of Efficient Software is Coming!


It is so excited and honorable to announce that Efficcess, means efficient and success, will be released soon!!! In the near future, you can manage your tasks, schedule, contact, diary, notes, and passwords on your phone! Efficcess is an extremely strong personal information management APP for Android and iOS mobile phone users, and users could [...]

How to Take Proper Note?


“It is sunny today, and the sky is very clean and blue. However, I don’t like blazing sun in summer….” Generally, people are good at expressing their own thoughts instead of take notes of others’ words. For example, when here comes a meeting, most members only remember the brief content and forget many important details [...]

Sticky Notes – Stick Positive Life Attitude on Your Screen


In most cases, people prefer to write down their ideas, to-do lists and important notes on some sticky notes, and also I am one member among them. Sometimes, it is very easy to forget the words to say which you prepared several minutes ago, which is not the matter of memory but the matter of [...]

Good News to Registered Customers: Money Will Be Returned?


To All Efficient Software Users, Most people choose EfficientPIM, Efficient Calendar, Efficient To-Do List and all other Efficient Software programs just in order to improve their work efficiency and make their life organized. And in my eyes, you must be a member of this “army”. In the old days, you were always very busy but [...]

14 Options That Helps You Manage Information Better Part Two


Happy Friday! Here comes the second part, hope it can help you while using EfficientPIM. 8.Show details Sometimes you might want to check the details of each entry at the main interface, all you need to do is click View>Details>Show Details. 9.Export notes or diary to txt/rtf format files Mostly, all the entries can be [...]

How to Make Full Use of Data Sharing Software?


No matter what age it is, team work is the most essential element to success. For example, people should live together and go hunting together in the Stone Age. And nowadays, people should work together to finish big projects. Just as a famous saying goes, “Many hands make light work”. Fortunately, living in such advanced [...]

14 Options That Helps You Manage Information Better Part One


When you are using EfficientPIM to organize information, there are some functions that you might not have noticed which are really helpful. 1.Showing entries in several days(in Today, Events and Tasks modules) At the middle of the left panel in Today module, you will see the option Show entries in these days, click the small [...]